How do I review and message applicants?

To manage applicants, first go to your Harri dashboard. Click on the Job Posting you want to screen. This will take you to Harri’s Applicant Management System (AMS).

Applicant Column: These are all your new applicants for this position. Click on the first applicant to enable SpeedyScreen. From here, you can review all your applicants in one place. Review your applicants’ experience and skills and either move them to “Proceed” or “Passed.”

All the applicants in your Proceed column are now your qualified Harri candidates. Move your top choices from Proceed to the Interview column. You can move one or many candidates at a time. Click on the box on the top left of this column to move all candidates at once.

When you move candidates to the Interview column, you will be prompted to mass message them with the interview details. Your candidates will receive a personalized invitation to your interview.

All applicants you have passed on throughout the screening process will live in the Passed column in the far right column of your AMS. You can access passed candidates anytime and in the future. (You can discreetly pass on applicants; they will not be notified that you passed on their application)

Once you’ve hired your Harri candidates, move them to Hired!

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